Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a qualification examination take?

Our complete examination take around two hours. It is a series of specialized tests by which we determine your prescription, the thickness of the cornea, etc. Based on this examination your doctor will suggest the best method of correction. Since the examination may involve the application of pupil-dilating eye drops, you are advised not to drive a vehicle and have someone accompany you to drive you home.

Can I drive after the procedure?

You want to refrain from driving until your doctor tells you your vision is stable and it is safe to do so.

Why should I stop using lenses before my eye exam?

If you are wearing lenses, the measurements can be misleading. Contact lenses can alter the condition and shape of your cornea. It is advisable to stop using lenses at least 2 weeks before your exam.

What is the maximum age limit for laser vision correction procedures?

There is no such limit. It is agreed that a patient should be in generally good health (e.g. no diabetes, allergies, etc.) After your consultation, your doctor will advise you on possible treatments based on your situation.