Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery, Symptoms & Treatment abu dhabi

Cataract Surgery, Symptoms & Treatment

Cataract is a common complication of the eye that involves blurred and faded vision. This usually occurs with old age, but can also develop due an eye injury or an adverse reaction to medicine. Although it starts out small, cataract complications can begin to hinder vision quickly if not diagnosed and treated.

Recognise the Symptoms

Cataract affected vision is very similar to looking through a thick pane of glass – everything is more blurry than before. Although it starts out small in the beginning without affecting vision too much, a cataract can quickly worsen and cause far more serious issues with vision such as excessive brightness from sunlight, indoor lights and even car headlights while driving at night. What’s more, the colours of everyday objects you see around you start appearing to be muted and faded out. This loss of brightness, combined with the constant blurs and glares are what make cataract a serious vision impairment that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

The lens in the eye works similar to a camera lens, and focuses light onto the retina, and adjusting as needed so we can see things near and far. When this lens turns opaque, or begins to show minor opacities, light is blocked or scattered, and can result in the following vision complications:

Simple Steps to Take to Prevent Cataracts

A good combination of diet, one that includes the right supplements, and physical preventative measures can help reduce the risk of developing cataracts. There have been several studies conducted that have shown the relationship between nutritional intake and reduced risk. Nutrients such as Vitamin E, zeaxanthin, carotenoidslutein have all been shown to help minimise the risk of cataract development. These nutrients can be found in foods such as almonds, spinach, sunflower seeds, and kale. Even antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle that can avoid cataracts. Finally, most eye care professionals recommend wearing protective sunglasses that have lenses with 100% UV blocking every time you’re outdoors.

Curing Cataracts

While a lot of people suffering from cataracts consider it a natural part of the ageing process, there are several procedures one can choose to correct this vision impairment for good. As technology has progressed, solutions for cataracts patients have increased tremendously, with several options that can cure the condition, both efficiently and economically. By opting for a simple, painless surgical process that effectively removes the cataracts and restores vision back to 20/20, patients can once again start to enjoy the bright and beautiful colours of the world they live in.

Cataract removal surgery can be done with two procedures: phacoemulsification or extracapsular surgery. Phacoemulsification is the most common solution, and it involves a tiny incision that is used to insert a probe into the eye. This probe emits ultrasound waves that break up the opaque clouds into smaller pieces, which are then sucked out during removal. Phacoemulsification is a simply process and does not require stitches. With extracapsular surgery, an incision is made in the eye to remove the hard center of the lens and replaced with an artificial lens that sits comfortably in place of the original.

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    Cataract Surgery abu dhabi

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