Abu Dhabi welcomed the latest laser vision correction procedure – Femto SMILE


Femto SMILE procedure stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction and combines state-of-the-art femtosecond laser technology and precise lenticule extraction providing a micro-invasive laser vision correction method. It is the only technique in the world, wherein the laser surgery is performed without using any blade and without lifting any flap. It is very safe procedure with virtually no dryness and faster recovery of corneal sensation since less nerve fibers are disrupted.

The SMILE procedure is now gaining popularity from the positive and successful outcomes among patients in UAE.

The period after the surgery SMILE, proves to be superior to the LASIK method: According to recent studies, inflammation was less common after SMILE procedures, and healing of the cornea was better too and the problem of dry eye syndrome often described following laser vision correction has also shown to be reduced after a SMILE procedure, as reported by Dr. Tamer Salem, the first physician in Europe to obtain a PhD in LASIK.

As patients stated, the procedure is a much less stressful experience than expected; it’s even easier than going to a dentist. All one needs to do is follow the doctor’s instructions and look at focus light. The actual procedure is just a few minutes per eye and very comfortable and pain free.

After the procedure little precautions should be followed by the patients which is worth it cause having your vision perfect is such a blessing.

One of the first centers that announced this technology in Abu Dhabi was Royal Spanish Center, where the staff, from the receptionist to the surgeon, are supportive, honest and helpful.

Thanks to years of researches, advances technology and material engineering for such innovative, safe and efficient technology.

Our specialty clinics are situated at your convenience in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Doha, Qatar. The state-of-the-art equipment is sure to present the latest technology in LASIK and eye surgery to our patients. Whether examination, surgery, or regular checkups, our facilities will help provide the best patient experience. We treat our patients in individual offices, designed with your privacy and comfort in mind. We maintain an atmosphere that is quiet, friendly, and conducive to healing. We provide the unique combination of diagnostic and treatment services with the personalized care that a small clinic offers. All medical records will be held confidentially in a database in the Clinic and all information relating to patients will be treated with the professional standards of medical confidentiality.

Other than Femto SMILE and LASIK, Royal Spanish Center offers ICL for patients, who are not candidate for LASIK or Femto SMILE. In addition to other eye care services like Cataract surgery, Keratoconus treatment, Glaucoma Treatment, Diabetic Eye Care, and other conditions.

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