The best exercises to strengthen eyesight

The best exercises to strengthen eyesight

The problem of poor eyesight is considered widespread and common among all ages and social strata, and results from many and varied causes, including heredity, severe damage to the eye, and infection, in addition to diseases such as diabetes. Some bad habits, such as sitting for long periods in front of screens or being constantly exposed to their rays, as well as smoking, contribute to exacerbating this problem.

There are many ways that can be followed to improve eyesight, ranging from natural methods that help effectively protect and strengthen the eyes, all the way to auxiliary medical measures. It is also recommended to avoid harmful habits that may negatively affect eyesight, and in conjunction with this, the eyes should be given regular rest periods.

The best exercises to strengthen eyesight

A set of exercises can be followed to enhance vision and relieve pressure on it. Important matters include:

  1. Rest the eyes from screens: The eyes should be given regular breaks from constant exposure to screens, which reduces the effects of stress on them.
  2. Rubbing and covering: You can practice rubbing your eyes to get warmth, then cover your eyes with your hands and stay away from the light to calm them and relieve stress.
  3. Concentration exercises: The eyes can be trained by focusing on close and then distant objects alternately to enhance the strength of vision and develop concentration.
  4. Relaxing and moving the eyes: This exercise includes relaxing and moving the eyes in all directions, while repeating the movements to enhance blood circulation and flexibility.
  5. Visualization exercise: It involves sitting in a quiet place and closing the eyes, then imagining that there is no problem with vision and that vision is strong, which helps calm the mind and relieve the psychological pressure associated with vision problems.

The best foods to strengthen eyesight

Black grapes are considered one of the foods that are beneficial for eyesight, as they protect the eyes from some diseases such as cataracts. Leafy vegetables contribute to achieving clear vision, while salmon contains omega-3, which is necessary for healthy eyes. Garlic helps protect the eyes from various diseases and enhances blood flow to them, while nuts help alleviate the problem of dry eyes. Avocado protects the eyes from cataracts, and carrots play an important role in strengthening eyesight and protecting it from harmful sunlight. Dark chocolate enhances the health of blood vessels in the eyes, and turkey meat is considered a useful meat in preventing macular degeneration, alleviating its symptoms and preventing its complications.

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