cataract being the result of a normal aging process, cataract extraction is the most numerous surgery done worldwide. Since the 1990s, the standard of care is phacoemulsification, where an ultrasound probe is used to fragment and break down the cataract before emulsifying it and then sucking this emulsified lens through a small suction port; all this is done through a very small incision .


But now, we have a new intervention possible. This intervention is Femto-cataract. This rapidly spreading technology is largely replacing traditional phacoemulsification, with similar results and faster healing time.

Femto Laser technology:

The initial steps of wound creation, lens capsule opening and lens fragmentation are done by FemtoLaser technology in Femtocataract instead of the manual method. The lens fragments are then emulsified and sucked like a normal phacoemulsification surgery. 


  • Faster procedures as the laser step is faster than the manual one.
  • Less time inside the eye as the lens fragmentation is done by the laser before opening the wound.
  • Faster healing due to regularity of the wound.
  • Less complication rates as wound and lens capsule are more regular due to use of laser, which leads to less vitreous loss.


Preliminary results show same efficacy of Femto-cataract when compared with traditional cataract extraction. It also shows faster recovery time and fewer complications.

cataract before and afterAt the Royal Spanish Center, our staff are very familiar with this procedure and has done more than 200 surgeries suing this new technology, with outstanding result. For any inquiries or questions regarding this technique, do not hesitate to contact us.

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