What to do after LASIK Surgery?

lasik surgery

Doctors recommend LASIK surgery. ophthalmologists use LASIK surgery to correct vision defects.
The goal of this operation is to improve the vision of a patient who suffers from farsightedness, myopia or astigmatism.

A patient suffers from low vision or farsightedness. The main reason is an error in the refraction of light. so it does not fall directly on the retina at the back.  The LASIK process corrects the cornea. This improves the vision of the patient, and sees things naturally and not blurry.

Types of vision correction surgery

Specialist doctors say There are different types of vision correction surgery. Doctors diagnose the patient’s condition. and determine the appropriate type of LASIK operation for him.

Femto Smile LASIK treats patients who have a very thin layer of the cornea.

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Eye twitching causes and how to treat it

Femto Smile LASIK Advantages

  1. latest and most advanced in the world.
  2. the smoothest type of LASIK surgery.
  3.  It’s so easy by only one step without any surgical incisions.
  4. without direct contact with the cornea.
  5. The fastest type in the duration of its procedure.
  6. Recovery after the surgery quickly.

Types of LASIK surgeries.

  1. Femto-LASIK, which is the most used.
  2. Traditional LASIK.
  3. PRK superficial LASIK. which is used for cases that have defects in the cornea.

patient’s safety

Before taking any procedures in the process of vision correction. the ophthalmologist performs many tests to ensure the patient’s safety. to be aware of his medical history. and to determine which type of LASIK surgeries are appropriate for his condition.

The most important of these tests is the Examination of the cornea to determine its suitability. and if the cornea is thin, and in this case. the patient should be conducted to the Femto-smile LASIK.

And an examination of the pupil size is also done in order to avoid contrast problems after the operation. especially in patients who have a large pupil.

Also, the patient needs an examination to measure vision aberrations, dry eyes and detect. whether there is any kind of eye allergies.


When does vision improve after LASIK?

The eyes are completely healed once the LASIK surgery is finished. and vision becomes very clear in a period ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours after the LASIK operation. and the difference in this period is due to the condition and diagnosis of each patient. and also due to the type of vision correction that he is conducted to.

For example, if the patient is conducted to LASIK to correct myopia. he feels improvement immediately after the operation in seeing near objects. and less rapid improvement in seeing far objects.

Also, for a farsighted patient, he will see clearly distant objects, while seeing near objects will improve at a slower time.

The patient may feel foggy two or three hours after the operation. and he may see halos around the lights. but these symptoms are very normal and all patients go through them. and there is no concern about them.

When does the blurring of the eyes end after LASIK?

It is normal and common among all patients to feel a bit of:

  1. blurry vision.
  2. and foggy vision after LASIK.

but there are also other vision examinations after the surgery. to ensure that there are no problems. and to check the extent of sharpness and clarity of vision.


  • Dryness. or glare after the surgery normal.
  • you should tell your doctor about this while he performs the examinations after surgery.

Royal Spanish Center has some tips for all patients. in order to speed up the results of improvement. and also, to avoid any complications in the operation. and the patient must adhere to these tips for a maximum of six months after the LASIK surgery.

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Tips after LASIK surgery

LASIK Surgery | Tips after LASIK surgery
Tips after LASIK surgery

Avoid driving immediately after the LASIK surgery. especially on the day of the operation and the day after it. due to the possibility of having blurry vision. and therefore, it is better than the person not drive his car to avoid road accidents. but you can consult your doctor when you go to the examination after the operation when is the best time for you to return to driving again.

It is better not to go to work for at least a week after the LASIK operation. to ensure complete improvement, especially if you work in jobs. that make you use the computer for many hours. as this could lead to eye strain.

Doctor’s instructions

  • Make sure to use the drops that the doctor prescribes for you on time and regularly and forgetting any dose. to prevent any complications after the operation, and it is better to close your eyes for 5 minutes after each dose of drops in order to comfort the eyes.
  • Avoid reading immediately after the operation, in order not to feel tired.
  • Be sure to wear sunglasses when you are in any place where there is intense light. whether sunlight or any other bright light. to avoid any problems caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays and the possibility of sensitivity to light that many patients feel after the operation.
  • Avoid practicing sports. especially the activities that may shake the body and head in order to prevent the possibility of displacement of the corneal flap. as well as activities that have severe effort such as weightlifting, yoga, and swimming. But after a month or two of LASIK surgery, you can return to some sports activities, such as swimming.
  • Stay away from irritants such as fumes, smoke, dirt, and dust in order to avoid eye infections.


Advice after LASIK Surgery

  •  Avoid using cosmetics, especially eye make-up, until the doctor authorizes you to return to using them normally.
  • You cannot wear contact lenses after LASIK surgery for 2-3 months.
  • Make sure to go to the doctor on the scheduled appointments for you and tell him everything you feel.
  • Try not to blink excessively in order to maintain eye moisture and prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid showering on the same day as LASIK surgery and the day after it. and avoid any contact with soap with your eyes.
  • Make sure to sleep enough hours in order not to have eye strain or headache behind your eyes.
  • you should avoid rubbing the eyes in order not to cause any problem with the corneal flap.
  • Avoid smoking after LASIK surgery in order not to get an eye infection because of smoke, and it is better to take advantage of this period to quit smoking, as it can increase the possibility of getting many eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

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When can I use my mobile phone after LASIK?


Avoid using your mobile phone after LASIK surgery for at least 24 hours, in order to avoid any inflammation in the eyes as a result of the bright light from it. and you should also avoid using any other screens such as computers and tablets.

Patients can use screens Within 48 to 72 hours after the operation. but for a very short period not to exceed a few minutes. and it is better to reduce the brightness of the screen and increase the font of the text so that your focus on the text on the screen.

And if you notice any strain or glare in the eyes. stop using screens immediately and follow the rule of (20-20-20). which says that every 20 minutes look at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds, as this method contributes to resting the eyes and getting rid of any strain.

LASIK Surgery | When can I use my mobile phone after LASIK
When can I use my mobile phone after LASIK

Suitability of your condition for the LASIK surgery


If you want to know the suitability of your condition for the LASIK surgery and which type of LASIK is appropriate for you, you can contact the Royal Spanish Center. and book an appointment.

Royal Spanish Center advantages’

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  2. we have a group of the most skilled doctors with the highest degrees and certificates all over the world.
  3. they are always keen on putting the patient’s comfort first.
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