Dry eye treatment Causes and risk factors 

Dry eye treatment Causes and risk factors 

Dry eyes are a common disease. In short, the eye’s inability to produce enough tears for hydration. This leads to many complications, the most serious of which are infections in the eyes, and damage to the surface of the eye. 

 The feeling of having a dry eye is a painful feeling. This may happen to you in more than one place, for example while looking at a computer for long periods of time, or getting on a plane, or if you enter an air-conditioned room. 

The most convenient solution for dry eyes is to use moisturizing eye drops, or artificial tears. And change the lifestyle by following up with the specialist doctor. The Royal Spanish Medical Center provides the latest medical technology for the treatment of dry eyes.  

Symptoms of dry eyes

  • Tingling feeling in the eyes.
  • Sensation of mucus around or inside the eye. 
  • Sensitivity to light. 
  • Eye redness. 
  • Sensation that there is something in the eye. 
  • Contact lenses are difficult to wear. 
  • Driving becomes difficult, especially in the evening. 
  • In some cases, the eye may water in response to an irritating factor. 
  • blurry vision 
  • Feeling of eye fatigue. 

When to see a doctor at the Royal Spanish Center  

You can visit the Royal Spanish Center for some medical tests if you feel any of the aforementioned symptoms. Whether your eyes are red, sore, or painful. One of the advantages of the center is that it is quick in diagnosing the situation and taking the necessary measures with it quickly to prevent the disease from worsening. 

Causes that lead to dry eyes

The main reason is the weakness of the lacrimal gland, which secretes natural tears, that is, the lacrimal membrane suffers some damage. It is worth noting that tears consist of 3 main components: 

  1. fatty oils. 
  2. aqueous liquid. 
  3. filamentous mucus; 

What are the causes that lead to dry tears in the eye?

Dry eye treatment Causes and risk factors 
Dry eye treatment Causes and risk factors
  1. hormonal changes;
  2. Autoimmune diseases.
  3. Inflammation of the glands of the eyelid.
  4. As well as allergic eye diseases.
  5. The increase in the evaporation of tears. 
  6. Severe decrease in tear production. 

Dry eyes thanks to aging

 In cases of aging the method of dry eyes happens. still as in alternative diseases that embrace thyroid disorders, A deficiency, and with taking some antidepressants and high force per unit area medications. still as shaking palsy. And membrane sensitivity thanks to the employment of contact lenses. or nerve harm. 

What’s the measure for dry eyes?

 If the patient is over fifty years previous, the secretions of tears decrease considerably, and he mechanically develops dry eyes. Also, ladies square measure additional vulnerable to dry eyes thanks to secretion changes throughout gestation, use of contraception pills, or change of life. A diet low in A or polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids results in dry eyes. while sporting contact lenses. Having a history of operations within the eyes.

What’s the measure of the complications of dry eye infection?

Eye infections: The tears are the guardian of the eyes from infection. and in truth, it’s not one guard, but guards, the foremost vital of that  tears, and after they don’t seem to be out there dry enough, eye infections are often simply infected. 

Damage to the superficial a part of the eye: If you are doing not get treatment, dry eye leads on to severe infections, with erosion of the area area tissue layer, still as ulcers and will reach visual disorder.

Depression: Dry eyes cause someone to become depressed, particularly along with his inability to perform some major tasks like reading. 

How to forestall dry eye infection? 

  • Avoid exposure to air currents that strike your eyes. 
  • Keep hair dryers out of your eyes. 
  • Stay away from automobile heaters. Do not sit ahead of the cooling. 
  • Do not sit ahead of fans. Try to keep the indoor air reception wet. 
  • Wear glasses within the summer ahead of the new sun. 
  • Keep your eyes comfy. 
  • do not browse for too long. 
  • shut your eyes each jiffy or blink ofttimes for some seconds to assist distribute the tears equally across the eyes.

What are the most important procedures and tests to diagnose dry eyes

  1.  A comprehensive eye exam.
  2. Tear volume analysis: Or the so-called Schirmer analysis, in which the doctor places slices of dry paper under the lower eyelid, and after 5 minutes, the doctor measures the amount of tear wetness on the strip. 
  3. Or take a tear volume test using phenol red thread. 
  4. Tear quality analysis, in which a dye for eye drops is used to measure corneal staining and to measure how long it takes for tears to evaporate before they evaporate.  
  5. Tear osmolarity test: Particles and water in the tears are analyzed, and if you have dry eyes, there will be a decrease in the amount of water in the eye. 

The treatment of dry eyes is the 

  1. use of moisturizing drops, and these do not need a prescription or a prescription. 
  2. If the problem persists, you can contact the Royal Spanish Center to conduct some of the aforementioned tests. 
  3. Knowing the cause of dry eyes and treating it, sometimes there is medication that causes dry eyes, or other things. 
  4. Treatment with medications to reduce blepharitis.
  5. Some of the fillings that are placed in the eye to secrete artificial tears. These are in moderate to severe symptoms. 
  6. The use of drugs that increase the secretion of tears, called cholinergic drugs, including pilocarpine and cevimeline.
  7. Autologous serum drops which are drops made from the patient’s blood and produced from the patient’s blood to remove red blood cells and then mixed with a saline solution.

Other treatments for dry eyes 

  • block the tear ducts to reduce tear loss.
  • Inserting small silicone plugs into the tear ducts. 
  • Thermal ironing. 
  • Use of special contact lenses. 
  • Open blockage of the sebaceous glands. Warm compresses or daily eye masks can help clear clogged sebaceous glands.
  • A heat pulse machine is another method for unclogging the sebaceous glands, but it’s not clear if this method offers any advantage over warm compresses. 
  • Use light therapy and eyelid massage.