Disadvantage of Fake Eyelashes

Disadvantage of Fake Eyelashes

fake eyelashes are important to many women. as they add unparalleled beauty to the eyes. But there are a number of concerns about its side effects. especially with the use of eyelash extensions that have their own glue fixative, and tweezers. No one denies the importance of false eyelashes. but there are some reasons why it is best to limit their extravagance to avoid these harmful side effects.

What do beauticians say about artificial eyelashes and their damage?

Beauticians recommend not to use false eyelashes excessively. But woman should use it in very short periods of time.  However. some side effects may occur on the eyelids and eyes. Because of a number of reasons that can be summarized in the following lines.

Damage of Fake eyelashes

Accumulation of bacteria: Real eyelashes exist for a natural reason. which is protection from bacteria in the eye area.as well as protecting them from weather factors and foreign objects. such as hair on the body, exactly. Therefore, the accumulation of bacteria can cause the loss of natural eyelashes.

  1. Fall of the natural eyelashes: With the excessive use of artificial eyelashes and during their removal, natural eyelashes can frankly be removed with it. Where real eyelashes can be plucked unintentionally. In the worst cases, this can cause the natural eyelashes to not grow again. in which case it is called alopecia areata.
  2. Allergic reactions: Although products for false eyelashes can be harmless. eyelash glue is still relatively toxic and certainly not good on the skin. In some packages the ingredients for making the glue are not mentioned so it is always a good idea to do a hand or arm test before trying this eyelid glue. Because it is likely to have allergic reactions in the eye that lead to itching or tearing in the delicate tissues of the eyelids.
  3.  The possibility of darkening the iris of the eye: Although this is very rare. The constant use of false eyelashes can cause the iris to darken. Even the chemicals in the adhesives can cause additional dark pigmentation that can be seen directly in the iris. And here we mean the colored part of the eyeball.What is blepharitis and how to treat it?

Tips when using Fake eyelashes

Experts advise when using false eyelashes to be extra careful to put the artificial eyelashes on the natural eyelashes with a known adhesive substance and wait until the glue sticks with the hair follicles and prevents them from falling out.

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How much is the price of false eyelashes at the Royal Spanish Eye Center Royal Spanish?

  • Eye Center provides the best types of false eyelashes at good prices.
  • You can ask about their types and what is suitable for you.
  • The price of the treatment also varies according to the materials used. whether natural or synthetic.
  • Women should use eyelash extensions as a cosmetic treatment with a suitable cosmetic glue.
  • Women should make sure to use false eyelashes with closed eyes and use the appropriate tweezers.