The effect of electronic games on the eyes

The effect of electronic games on the eyes

The use of electronic games becomes very widespread on all devices. smartphones and mobiles, iPad, laptops, and PlayStation provide it.

All of them attract users to spend more time on them with an intensity of focus in it. This means the intensity of focus of the eye muscles on the rays from the screen.

So that may lead to the following:

  • A long-term effect on eye health.
  • Eye fatigue.
  • Weakness of the eye muscle.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Lazy eyes.
  • Deviated vision.


Electronic games and their effect on the eye

Electronic games are now dominating the minds of many adults and children. We should be fully aware of the harms of overusing or even how to use them correctly.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the preventive measures to maintain eye health. We have to prevent the risks that threaten the health of our eyes.

The eyes of our children in particular need care. Because the child in his early years cannot distinguish or know whether he has vision problems or not.

And that is because he believes that everyone around him sees the same degree of confusion or clarity as him.

So it becomes difficult to know the extent of the impact of electronic games on children in the early stage. and we can only discover after the onset of advanced symptoms.

These symptoms are:

  • Eye strain.
  • Headache behind eyes.
  • Redness of the eye.
  • Excessive tears due to constant eye strain.
  • Eye sensitivity to light.
  • Harms of electronic games on the eye

When using electronic games and screens, the eye is exposed to a beam of harmful rays.

Rays affect the retina of the eye, and their use can significantly weaken the eye muscle.

These electronic games need to focus the eye muscle significantly on the light source from the screen, which may also cause permanent eye headaches.

Some studies have indicated that excessive screen use can cause blindness in some cases due to the retina and pigment cells being affected.

As well as some other symptoms like; eye redness, itchy eyes, burning eyes, which unfortunately most users of games and electronic screens suffered from.

And the majority do not think of going to an ophthalmologist or examining in specialized centers to reduce the aggravation of any disease.

Some tips for eye health preservation

To reduce the effect of electronic games on the eyes, or avoid the dangers resulting from the rays emitted from screens such as (x-rays, electromagnetic rays, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays) that affect neurotransmitters, here are some tips provided by Royal Spanish Center:

  • Eye comfort: You should take enough rest for the eyes during the continuous use of screens.
    So Do that during using electronic games and screens, the eyes may not blink. This may cause dry eyes, so you must focus on blinking to help the eyes in natural hydration and avoid dryness of your eyes.
  • Providing adequate lighting: It is necessary to adjust the room lighting to avoid the contrast between the device’s screen and the room. So the room’s lighting must be half the brightness of the brightness level of the screen used.
  • Determining the distance of the screen: The person should keep his eyes away from the device or look at anything else alternative. Therefore you should take a rest from a screen for 10 minutes every hour to rest eye muscles, and the screen must be at the same level as the eye or sight.
  • Lighting control screens: It is preferable to install a filter layer on the devices’ screens to protect the eyes from the rays reflected from those screens. And is also possible to control the brightness of the screen and make it suitable, which reduces eye fatigue.
  • Taking precautions: anyone must take care of excessive use of electronic games.  or spend long hours in front of the screens of devices. You have to guide your child to the proper use of them because the visual system is in a state of growth and change in the child.


Electronic games and their effect on the eye
Electronic games and their effect on the eye


Tips from Royal Spanish Center to reduce the impact of electronic games on the eyes

Royal Spanish Center advises the necessity of periodic follow-up of eye health.

The Center cares especially when there’s a family history and early detection of children starting from the age of three or four.

That period in which the child begins to concentrate, write and practice various other activities, and is considered the best age to give an accurate idea of the strength of vision and its treatment in the case of laziness of the eye or any other problems.

So a periodic eye examination must be followed every year, especially with users of screens continuously in various fields of work and electronic games.


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